Reading character at sight PDF book by Katherine Blackford (1922)

Reading character at sight by Katherine  Blackford

Reading character at sight by Katherine  Blackford

When only eighteen years old, she realized her great ambition and entered medical college. Her old friend, the family physician, had helped her to secure a position as a surgical assistant to one of the professors so that she could work her way through. In due time, she graduated with honors. There followed a period of post-graduate work in various institutions, where she specialized in brain physiology—an early indication of her later achievement. When she began the practice of medicine, Dr. Blackford was struck by the fact that she often knew as soon as a patient entered her office for what ailment he or she was seeking treatment. She won¬ dered why. It couldn’t just happen. There must be some reason for it. Attacking the problem in a common-sense way, she discovered that people of the same type in build, complexion, head-shape, and otherwise alike in personal appearance often suffered from the same diseases. She had long been a student of the effect of mental traits and mental states upon bodily ailments and had reached the conclusion that in many forms of the disease the mental characteristics and attitude of the patient were all-important. This led her to wonder what, if anything, might be the connection between personal appearance and character.

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