Principles of public speaking, PDF book (1899) by Guy Carleton Lee

Principles of public speaking

Principles of public speaking, PDF book

Principles of public speaking, comprising the techniques of articulation, phrasing, emphasis; the cure of vocal defects; the elements of gesture ... with many exercises, forms, and practice selections.

I have sought to present within the limits of this volume a practical exposition of the art of Public Speaking. 
A distinctive feature of this text-book is its comprehensiveness. In one volume the student will find, not only the elements of vocal culture and the treatment of the subject of extemporaneous speaking and debate but also a manual of Parliamentary Law. 

I have profited largely by the work of my predecessors. I have drawn extensively from their valuable treatises. I hesitate to express thanks to individuals but must state my particular obligation to the works of George Pierce Baker, William B. Chamberlain, S. H. Clark, J. Scott Clark, Robert I. Fulton, C. J. Plumptre, Ralph Curtis Ringwalt, Thomas C. Trueblood, and E. T. Southwick. I am pleased to acknowledge my indebtedness to my pupil and friend, Edward P. Hyde, of Johns Hopkins University, for valued assistance in the compilation of the Rules of Order.

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