Notebooks, 1914-1916 by Ludwig Wittgenstein PDF book

Download Notebooks, 1914-1916 by  Ludwig Wittgenstein PDF book

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was an Austrian-British philosopher who worked primarily in logic, the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of language. From 1929 to 1947, Wittgenstein taught at the University of Cambridge

Excerpt from the book's introduction:

It was Wittgenstein's habit to work by writing down separate paragraphs or 'remarks' as he sometimes called them — for they might comprise more than one paragraph — on the questions that were exercising him. Later he would seek an arrangement of his results which would make a satisfactory book. This was as much hard work as the thinking that had gone into the 'remarks'; he did not aim to incorporate all the remarks that he was satisfied with within the book that finally emerged. There is a great difference between a mere compilation from his notebooks, 

like the Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics or the present volume, and Philosophical Investigations or the Tractates. Most of the notebooks containing his preliminary work, belonging to all his periods of writing, were destroyed by his orders in 1950. These included a large number of notebooks from the time of germination of the Tractatus. Three of these last survived, however, by the accident of having been left in the house of his youngest sister, Mrs. Stonborough, at Gmunden, instead of in Vienna. They were written in the years 19 14-16 when Wittgenstein was 25-7 years old.

Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
 Publication Date:1961

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