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Modern Man In Search of a Soul (1933) by Carl Jung PDF book

Modern Man In Search of a Soul (1933) by Carl Jung  PDF book translated by W. S. DELL

Modern Man In Search Of a Soul (1933)

Excerpt from the book introduction:

Within the last decade, there have been many references from varied sources to the fact that the western world stands on the verge of spiritual rebirth, that is, a fundamental change of attitude toward the values of life After a long period of outward expansion, we are beginning to look within ourselves once more. There is very general agreement as to the phenomena surrounding this increasing the shift of interest from facts as such to their meaning and value to us as individuals, but as soon as we begin to analyze the anticipations nursed by the various groups in our world with respect to the change that is to be hoped for, the agreement is at an end and a sharp conflict of forces makes itself felt.

By those who uphold revealed religion, the rebirth that seems imminent is thought of as a renaissance of Catholicism or Protestantism, as the case may be. They see mankind streaming by the million back to the bosom of the Church, there to be comforted for the disillusionments and disasters of our post-war world, there to be taught the paths that will lead out of chaos. Renewal of faith in Christianity, they say, will bring us back to a sure way of life and restore the inspiration the world has lost

Another great group of people thinks that the new attitude is to be attained by the total destruction of religion as it has up to now been understood. Religion is, they say, a relic of superstitious barbarism, and in its place must come

a new and lasting period of " enlightenment Let a man but apply his knowledge in the right way, especially his knowledge of economics and technology, and all the great bogies of poverty, ignorance, greed, etc., will vanish into thin air and man will be restored to his lost paradise. To them, the rebirth is to be in the realm of reason alone, and the intellect becomes the arbiter of man’s fate.


I. Dream Analysis in its Practical Application i

II. Problems of Modern Psychotherapy. 32

III. Aims of Psychotherapy .... 63

IV. A Psychological Theory of Types. 85

V. The Stages of Life 109

VI. Freud and Jung — Contrasts . . .132

VII. Archaic Man 143

VIII. Psychology and Literature . . . 175

IX. The Basic Postulates of Analytical

Psychology ...... 200

X. The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man 226

XI Psychotherapists or the Clergy. 255

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