Mechanism, (1914) PDF book : life and personality; an examination of the mechanistic theory of life and mind

Mechanism, (1914) PDF book: life and personality; an examination of the mechanistic theory of life and mind by J. S Haldane


or as a living orgasm. He is the real man." (pp. 123-125.) And, it may be added, he is the man of the Schoolmen. The argument of the book, as we have seen, is that in personality is to be found the explanation and the only explanation of the problem of life. In actual fact, we do not understand except in the most imperfect manner, the reality which lies behind the appearance of a physical world. But we Understand enough to be certain. that this reality has, arid can have, no existence apart from personality, since existence itself has no meaning apart from, spiritual existence, (p. 135.) ... In personality^ there is always the element of the here and now.

The new experience is always, as it were; welling up within it, and gradually taking the form of new truth, and a new duty. Personality is living^ suffering^ rejoicing, and working existence. This idea is clearly embodied in the Christian conception of God; and when we try to penetrate through the sensuous mist which blurs that conception we can see that our discussion has brought us very near to it. (p. 136.) . . .

[Finally]: Personality is the great central fact of the universe. This world, with all that lies within it, is a spiritual world. (P- I39-) This very inadequate sketch of a very interesting work^ with the quotations which we have made from it will at least suffice to give some idea of the author's line of argument. For its more complete development, we must refer our readers to the pages of the book itself.

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