Hind-sights; or, Looking backward at swindles ( 1911) PDF book John J Dillon

Hind-sights; or, Looking backward at swindles ( 1911) by  John J Dillon

Hind-sights; or, Looking backward at swindles

This book teaches you about swindling and how to be away from it, by giving accounts to all the way of swindling. the book was published 1911 and same scenarios happening now


The first business transaction that I can remember was the shipment of a fat calf by my own father. With two children in the family for every cow that calf could not be fattened with sacrifice.

The price of a fat calf would not go far in the wants of a modern family of our proportion, but to us, at that time it seemed like affluence. We had the joy of anticipation to the fullest extent, but the realization never materialized After long and patient waiting the return came with the information that the calf did not bring enough to pay charges, but under the circumstances, no bill was sent for the difference.

 I believe that Publisher's Desk was conceived in that experience Anyway the incident has always been a vivid recollection; and it has served as an inspiration to defend shippers' interests whenever it is possible to do so through The Rural New-Yorker. It is often impossible to get returns for farmers after the goods or the dollar has passed into the hands of rogues We sometimes succeed, but we realize better results in exposing the earmarks of fraud so that our people can recognize and avoid them.

While we are constantly besieged by schemers plotting to rob us of our products and our savings we must remember the great mass of the people are honest' and businessmen generally give 100 cents value for the dollar is the unusual that impresses us most. We forget the honest gram, but remember every time we are "stung." Yet overconfidence is even more dangerous than undeserved suspicion We are entitled -to full and definite details of a business in which we are urged to invest our money; and no honest man will object to furnishing evidence of his identity and financial ability when applying for credit.

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