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 Evolution and man's place in nature

In this volume, I have undertaken a discussion of the problem concerning Man’s Place in Nature. The discussion proceeds from the standpoint of the Evolution of Organic Life, as maintained by Mr. Darwin, and by Mr. Alfred Russel Wallace. The main objects are to trace the evidence of man’s relation to the continuity of life on the earth and to describe the distinctive characteristics of human life itself.

Not without misgivings and apprehensions, have I undertaken this difficult task. Not without diffidence, do I now submit the outcome to criticism. I fully recognize the demand which science makes on the teachers of philosophy, and I here humbly offer a contribution towards its satisfaction. What¬ ever of failure may appear in this attempt, I may have succeeded in so far opening the way through the entanglements encompassing our higher biological problems. I am not without hope that these pages may carry help to many who have found it difficult to reconcile with acceptance of evolution, their cherished convictions as to the responsibilities of rational life.

Since the publication of my work on The Relations of Mind and Brain, I have been closely occupied with the problem here discussed. During these years, I have been laid under deep obligation to many friends, whose valuable aid these prefatory lines enable me cordially to acknowledge. I have been especially indebted to my colleagues, Sir William Turner, Professor of Anatomy; Professor Rutherford, Professor of Physiology; and Professor James Geikie, Professor of Geology. I owe grateful acknowledgment to Mr. George Brook, Lecturer on Embryology at the University, for important suggestions bearing on his department of research. Throughout my investigations, I have been constantly indebted to my son, Mr. William Leadbetter Calderwood, Director of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Plymouth. In connection with the revival of proofs, I have been under many obligations to Mr. Charles M. Douglas, my Class Assistant in the University.

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