Economics for the people; being plain talks on economics PDF (1902) by R. R. Bowker,

Economics for the people; being plain talks on economics PDF (1902) by  R. R. Bowker

Economics for the people

Richard Rogers "R. R." Bowker was a journalist, editor of Publishers Weekly and Harper's Magazine, and founder of the R. R. Bowker Company.

This little book was written because there seemed to be need of it and I could get no one else to under: take it. It grew out of my summary of Economics, " Of Work and Wealth," which had developed from a chapter in a book yet uncompleted, on " The Arts of Life." It is an endeavor to set forth the principles of Economics so as to make them plain and interesting to all readers, illustrating them from American facts, so that at the end of the book the reader will have a fair knowledge of the economic history and condition of our own country. I may add that it is the work of a businessman, drawn largely from business experience.

 I shall be obliged to any reader who will send me, in care of the publishers (providing that reply is not usually expected), criticisms, suggestions, or inquiries that may enable me to make the book more useful should the demand for it justify new editions. I shall be especially glad to know what parts prove to be hard to understand. I am chiefly indebted, for literary material, to the works of Adam Smith, Mill, F. A. Walker, Cossa, Perry, Ely (" Socialism "), and Weeks (" Labor Differences "), and, for friendly revision of statements or figures, to Messrs. D. A. Wells, Hadley, Atkinson, Shearman, and Henry George. I inscribe this little book to the Society for Political Education, in the cause of which it is written.

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