Download Good English by Henry Seidel Canby, (1919) PDF book (Rhetoric)

 Good English by Henry Seidel Canby, (1919) PDF book (Rhetoric)

Good English by Henry Seidel  Canby

Although there has been a deluge of writing upon good English, the theory of composition in our language has been little changed since the days of those good old rhetorics of the later nineteenth century that every textbook maker mentions by way of honorable reference in his preface. But the practice of teaching written and oral English has altered, and is altering, with startling rapidity; and this is the sufficient excuse for another book in the field of elementary instruction.

Rhetoric in the 'nineties was discipline plus instruction; rhetoric today is instruction plus stimulation. We are thinking less of rules and more of writing and speak- ing; we are working less among abstract principles drawn from masterpieces, and more in the laboratory of actual experience where each and all are busy with experiments leading toward prose that may unlock the lips and speed the pen. For such an endeavor a textbook cannot be too fresh and apposite, or too closely related to the moving thought and emotion of the time.

they never forget; and their students were never allowed to forget it as they read. Not a book of the scores of manuals upon English that have been published since this new view of rhetoric began but will show somewhere, somehow, a response to the call of the new generation for bread instead of stones. Praise is due to them. Yet the older masters were not so graceless as our moderns seem to believe. They grasped some essentials of practical teaching that this adventurous age is prone to forget. The books they wrote may have been weighted with abstractions; at least they published no inchoate encyclopedias of the miscellaneous experiment. They were aware that there are principles underlying expression; they knew that a book on composition, like a book on chemistry or the theory of sin, mu

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