Vocabulary of philosophy : psychological, ethical, metaphysical, with quotations and references

The vocabulary of philosophy

The vocabulary of philosophy

The fact that the Vocabulary of Philosophy by the late-Professor Fleming soon passed through two editions shows that it has supplied a want felt by those entering upon philosophic study. Recognizing this, I have willingly responded to the request to edit a new issue of the work. My purpose has been to retain the book as nearly as possible in the form in which it came from the hands of Professor Fleming. Occasionally I have withdrawn some quotations when their numbers seemed too large.

 Additional manuscript left by Professor Fleming has been carefully examined, and some part of the new matter has been introduced. Vocables have been inserted, the absence of which left a blank in the vocabulary of Philosophy. In only one thing have I thought it needful to depart from professor Fleming's plan. I have ventured to introduce definitions of the leading vocables. These definitions constitute the new feature in the edition now published, and are-enclosed within brackets, to indicate the portions for which must be held responsible.

Author: William Fleming 

 Henry Calderwood

 Publication Date:1890

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