The beginner's English book for the use of adult students PDF book (1921)

The beginner's English book for the use of adult students PDF book (1921) by Mary E. Nolin

The beginner's English

The object of this book is to present in convenient form matter for teaching adult foreigners the constructions of English sentences and for teaching .them at the same time an English vocabulary of the kind required by beginners.

There is no necessary logical arrangement, the chief usages of English speech are presented in the order that seems best adapted to the requirements of teaching. The matter of the book has been arranged so that each lesson shall introduce only one new feature, apart of course from new words, and at -the same time shall repeat, in forms varying to meet the requirements of the drill, words and constructions previously learned.

The thought expressed by the English sentences used in the first two parts of the book can be readily communicated to the pupils by the use of objects, gestures, motions, and signs, and always should be so communicated when being presented for the first time. In the early stages of the instruction, many of the most important processes of learning oral and written speech must of necessity take place in the presence of the teacher and under her immediate observation and control. While these are going on, however, the teacher need utter no words, and in¬ deed should utter none, except what is required to make the original utterance of the English phrase or sentence that is being taught, and except what is necessary afterward to repeat it from time to time at the proper moment in order to correct the leaders' pronunciation and to reinforce his new impression.

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