Making a success of salesmanship PDF book (1922) by Maxwell Droke

Making a success of salesmanship PDF book (1922) by Maxwell Droke

Making a success of salesmanship


To the Fighting Salesmen of America —those progressive, aggressive chaps who know that railroad time-tables are gay deceivers, and the truth is not in them; that the impossible little hostelry across from the railroad station in all towns of 500 and under is sure to be termed the Palace Hotel; and that a buyer may smile and smile and be a canceller still — —this book is dedicated with honest affection and admiration, 

Just a Few Words of Explanation

 A CERTAIN naive and candid author, of a generation gone by, once declared that he wrote books in order to have an excuse to write prefaces. Perhaps that author was in a more fortunate position than the present writer. Maybe he really had something to say in the preface of his books.

I am afraid, in this instance, that I have not. I find myself in the sorry predicament of having put everything into the book. This was an unfortunate slip-up and greatly to be deplored. But, you see, I am not a professional writer of books, and I must plead ignorance of most of the tricks of the trade. I believe that this book, Making a Success of Salesmanship, will not require extended explanation or introduction; if it does, then I have failed in my desire to have a simple, friendly talk with salesmen about the day-to-day problems that we all meet up with on the battlegrounds of business. I did not write this book.

 It was written for me by dozens of salesmen, in as many lines; men who have told me their stories, and discussed with me their trials and triumphs. If you find between the covers of this little volume (an expression which all accredited preface writers use) a bit of cheer, inspiration, and helpfulness, it is to these salesmen your gratitude is due. They furnished the power—I merely pushed the pen. Maxwell Droke.

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