The original sources of the Quran (Koran) PDF book by William Tisdall(1911)

The original sources of the Quran (Koran) PDF book by William Tisdall (1911)

The original sources

An investigation of the sources from which Islam has sprung would be valueless unless based upon a thorough personal study of the various ancient records quoted. This I can honestly claim to have undertaken.

All the translations I give, from whatever language, are my own, except one or two passages from the Chinese, which language I have not carefully studied. The translations which I have in every other case given are as literal as possible, in some instances too literal to be elegant. But it seemed to be necessary to be exact in order to place the reader in a position to judge for himself of the correctness or incorrectness of my arguments.

I have used an exact system of transliteration for Arabic names (except in the case of the cities of Mecca and Medina), but it is one which to Arabic scholars will need no explanation.

A shorter work of mine on the same subject appeared in Persian in 1900, under the title of YandbMl Islam. It was very favorably reviewed 1 by that veteran scholar Sir W. Muir, to whom all students of Islam are so much indebted for his able works on the history of Muhammad and his successors, and has since been translated into Urdu and Arabic. Sir W. Muir has also published an English epitome of the little book.

The present work is the result of further study and has been written at the invitation of many friends, who wished to have the whole matter treated from an English standpoint, which was undesirable when I first dealt with the subject in an Eastern tongue and therefore from an Oriental point of view.

Contents of the book:


Chapter ii.

Influence of ancient Arabian beliefs and practices.
Appendix to chapter

Chapter iii.
Influence of Sabian and Jewish ideas and practices

Chapter iv.
Influence of Christianity and Christian apocryphal Books.

Chapter v.

Zoroastrian elements in the Quran and traditions of Islam

Chapter vi.
The hadith and their influence upon nascent Islam.

Conclusion 2
The judgment hall of Osiris, from the Egyptian "book of the dead " frontispiece.

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