The mummy; (1893) chapters on Egyptian funereal archaeology by E. Wallis PDF book

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 The mummy; PDF book

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

The chapters contained in this book were originally written to form the Introduction to the Catalogue of the Egyptian Collection in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, which I wrote for the Syndics of that institution; they are intended to supply the information necessary for understanding the object and use of the antiquities described therein. In the hope, however, that they may be of service to all such as are interested in the antiquities of Egypt, it has been decided to publish them in a separate form.

The monuments and remains of ancient Egypt preserved in the great museums of Europe and Egypt are chiefly of a sepulchral character, and we owe them entirely to the belief of the Egyptians that the soul would at some period revivify the body, and to the care, consequent on this belief, with which they embalmed the bodies of their dead so that they might resist the action of decay, and be ready for the return of the soul.

The preservation of the embalmed body, or mummy, was the chief end and aim of every Egyptian who wished for everlasting life. For the sake of the mummy's safety tombs were hewn, papyri were inscribed with composition.s, the knowledge of which would enable him to repel the attacks of demons, ceremonies were performed and services were recited; for the sake of the comfort of the mummy and his ka, or genius, the tombs were decorated with scenes which would remind him of those with which he was familiar when upon the earth, and they were also provided with many objects used by him in daily life so that his tomb
might resemble as much as possible his old home. Following up on the idea that the mummy is the most important of all objects, I have given an account of the various methods of embalming.

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