The Martian Way - PDF by Isaac Asimov

The Martian Way by Isaac Asimov

The Martian Way by Isaac Asimov

Novella published in Galaxy Science Fiction (November 1952).
Blurb: "It was junk they hunted, but enormously valuable and urgently needed junk that cost only bravery and the cheapest fuel ... yet they were kept from collecting it by an even cheaper lie!"

Review by Patrick
The Martian Way was about trying to get the colony on Mars independent from Earth. Instead of relying on water and other resources from Earth, they looked elsewhere for their resources like the Asteroid Belt, the rings of Saturn, and a couple of the moons. Earth was on the brink of cutting off its water shipments because they too need their water and the trickle on Mars was being used up. I really liked this novella.

Excellent story about the colonists of Mars vs 'Them Grounders on Earth". A threatened embargo of water (that they need as a reaction mass and as.. Duh! water!) forces a daring expedition longer and further into space than ever attempted before.
Clarke would have been more careful with the math but a good read nonetheless.

The Martian Way The novella inside Galaxy Magazine. Donwload from Below

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