The Diamond Sutra Free PDF book (1912 ) Earliest Surviving Dated Complete Printed Book.

The Diamond Sutra Free PDF book ( 1912 ) Translated by William Gemmel ( Earliest Surviving Dated Complete Printed Book )

The Diamond Sutra Free PDF book

This English version of The Diamond Sutra^ translated from the Chinese text of Kumarajiva owes its inception to successive conversations with a friend, profoundly interested in the interpretation of oriental systems of philosophy. During those conversations, renderings into English were made of numerous passages from the works of Confucius, Mencius, and Lao-Tsz. Having surveyed briefly those fertile fields of thought, we passed, by a natural transition, into the delectable Buddhist realm. Some passages from the Chinese Sutras, comprising texts and annotations, were consecutively examined, and variously considered. Eventually, it was suggested that The Diamond Sutra, perhaps one of the most metaphysical of the works ascribed to Buddha, be conveniently rendered into the English language.

In order that the rather unfamiliar text might assume due to intelligibility, parallel passages and numerous annotations were subjoined, as the pleasant work of translating proceeded. The idea of printing and publishing the text seemed to follow as a natural sequence. 1 A learned Chinese commentator thus explained the rather striking title: " As the diamond exceeds all other precious gems in brilliance and indestructibility; so, also, does the wisdom of The Diamond Sutra transcend, and shall outlive, all other knowledge known to philosophy."

Already there exist in the English language, renderings of The Diamond Sutra from the Sanscrit by Max Miiller, and from the Chinese by Beal. This new version does not seek to enter into rivalry with those erudite works; and a possible apology which might readily be offered for the publication of this modest volume is, that the scholarly productions of Miiller and Beal, in their present forms, are perhaps slightly inaccessible to the general English reader.

The Diamond Sutra, the Earliest Surviving Dated Complete Printed Book. , the earliest dated example of woodblock printing, and the earliest surviving dated complete book, was published in China on May 11, 868.

Transtor:William Gemmel
 Publication Date:1912

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