Practical psychology PDF book (1922) an advanced manual in the science of mental development

Practical psychology PDF book (1922) by Frank C. Haddock  an advanced manual in the science of mental development in eleven lessons

Practical psychology PDF book (1922) by Frank C. Haddock

The field of human psychology is so vast, so complex, and so constantly enlarging and enriching by reason of advancing civilization, that no work on the subject can pretend to be more than an introduction. The great central things in mental science, however, are slowly being worked clean of errors and brought into the light of clearness and distinctness.

It is also more and more recognized that science has very practical bearings in every department of our life. The book before you claims only to be a contribution. But the author believes that a part of this contribution is essentially new. Like all the Power- Books, the work all along insists that the student applies its suggestions to his practical life. And he is assured that both knowledge and power will follow his efforts.

Contents of The book:

Preliminary Definitions and Statements 9

System and Organization ... 28

Knowing 54

Sensation and Sense-Perception; Elementary and Objective Knowing 73

Consciousness 96

The Sub-Conscious; or, the

Pre-Mental 120

Continuous Mental Life. 179

Memory 279

Imagination 353

Feelings, Emotions, Moods

and Passions 407

Will, Instinct, Habit, Moods. 471

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