God-Man PDF book : The Word Made Flesh by George Washington Carey (1920)

God-Man PDF book: The Word Made Flesh by George Washington Carey  (1920)

God-Man PDF book

Explains the Bible as a parable for the human body and kundalini awakening. Grueling at times, but a nice esoteric read. The anointed one is in reference to a divine cerebrospinal fluid, sacred stems from the word sacral - the lower part of the spine. All sorts of fun stuff in here. According to Carey, Christ was never a real person but was known to early "primitive Christians" (the Essenes) as an inner bodily force that could rise up the spine to the pineal gland 'Pinnacle of the Temple' under proper bodily energy conditions every 29.5 days.

  When the moon is in your birth sign. The council of Nicea went to great lengths to suppress this ultimate knowledge of divinity being a force within everyone and portrayed Christ as an actual character roaming the lands. A totally unique and entertaining read, not what I was expecting, connects a lot of things together - some of which resonates with me


Redemption the Ultimate Goal of Humanity 10

The Kingdom at Hand 11

Books Rejected by the Council of Nicea 14

Names 16

The Marvelous Story of Joseph and Mary 19

The man was Made Upright 21

It: The Eternity of Perfection 23

Sarah and Abraham 38

The Word of God Revealed 39

The Explanation of "Turning Water into Wine'' 56

John the Baptist Physiologically Explained 61

The Plagues of Egypt in the Human Body 63

What Was the Word of God that Came to the Prophets?.. 55

The Great Pyramid 65

Isaiah 69

The Optic Thalamus, 71

The Central or Single Eye 75

Statement by a Greek Professor 78

The Wives and Children of Jacob 81

The Solar Plexus 83

Prophecies Fulfilled 86

Killing the Fatted Calf or Kaph 87

The Anti-Christ 89

The Rib-lah that Made the Womb in Man (kind) 95

The Bridge of Life 98

Sacred Books of the East 105

The Mystery of Santa Claus Revealed 107

The Science of Leap Year Ill

The Revelation of Hermes 113

The Secret Doctrine 119

Why Re-incarnate? 122

The Lake of Fire and Brimstone 124

Physical Regeneration 125

Thirteen, the United States Seal and Woodrow Wilson. ... 130

Daniel in the Lion's Den 135

Noah, the Ark and the Animals 143

Mistranslation of Scripture 147

Joshua Commanding the Sun and Moon to Stand Still 140

Glossary 151

"As a Man Thinketh in Hig Heart so is He."

The Meaning of Glory.

The Tree of Life.

The Only Cause of Old Age.


Twenty-second Chapter of Revelation, 1st, and 2nd Verses.

Crucified Between Two Thieves.

"My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light."

Dormant Brain Cells.


Psalms of David.

He that Ruleth His Own House.

"And Enoch Walked With God and Was Not."

The Jewel in the Lotus.

The Kundalini Fire.

The Human Automobile.

The Pneumogastric Nerve (Tree) and the Holy Ghost.

The Son of Man.

"Ye Who Have Followed Me in the Regeneration."

"To Him that Overcometh."
Consummation . , 175

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