Bible characters in the Koran PDF book by John Walker (1930) ( Quran )

Bible characters in the Koran PDF book by John Walker (1930) ( Quran )

Bible characters in the Koran PDF book

The purpose of this little book is to present in an accessible form all the Biblical personages who are mentioned either directly or indirectly by Mohammed in his Koranic utterances, The Koran itself is such a medley of fantastic fiction and apocryphal allusions that it is interesting to separate the biblical elements from the rest. 

The many variations and errors whenever they are found always prove instructive, as for example, when we find Mohammed apparently confusing Mary (Jesus' mother) with Miriam (Moses' sister), and making Amram (Miriam's father) the father of the Virgin Mary; or when he propagates a tremendous error concerning Ezra (q.v.}. The great Arabian prophet, it must be remembered, never received our canonical scriptures. He had to depend on garbled accounts, on Talmudic legends and fantasies; on the reports of false gospels; on the figments of Jewish and Christian proselytes; and on any oral information that might be given to him by the members of his household or the companions of his travels. The perusal of work such as this ought to provide, if nothing else, some idea of the perverted knowledge of the Scriptures of the Jews and the Christians held by the founder of Islam

In compiling this book, the author has consulted the original Arabic of all the texts quoted from the Koran, and the translation has been compared chiefly with the versions of Sale and Rodwell. The English, as far as possible, is made to conform with the Arabic construction. Words that are not to be found in the original are usually denoted by being enclosed within brackets. The book itself arose out of the need for such a handy work of reference of a popular nature experienced by the compiler during certain of his Koranic studies.

Author: John Walke
 Publication Date 1930

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