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The Tale Of Genji PDF novel by Murasaki Shikibu

Download The Tale Of Genji Free PDF novel by Murasaki Shikibu Translated to English (1935)

The Tale of Genji was the first novel ever written and was popular among the Heian court. However, it still remains important today because it is a psychological novel that takes a look into what court life was like during the Heian period

The work recounts the life of Hikaru Genji, or "Shining Genji", the son of an ancient Japanese emperor, known to readers as Emperor Kiritsubo, and a low-ranking concubine called Kiritsubo Consort. The tale concentrates on Genji's romantic life and describes the customs of the aristocratic society of the time.

Author: Murasaki Shikibu
Publication Date: 1935

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