The Inner Reality by Paul Brunton Free PDF book (1952)

Download The Inner Reality by Paul Brunton Free PDF book (1952)

The Inner Reality by Paul Brunton

HAD the gods so gifted me at birth, I would rather have played the laughing and satirical philosopher like Democritus than having acted my present part of the wise owl. How pleasant to have held the credo that in life it is not the matter that matters, but the manner and that dullness is the essence of dignity. Anyway, it is a poor pen that never slips a leash and that can produce only a smileless progeny. It would have afforded me greater pleasure to throw off a few pleasantries in prose than to exhibit the sad and saturnine face of the night-bird. But my stars were dark ones and compelled me to brood over the mystery of life's spectacle when I would have liked to draw some fun from the show and to have contemplated its comedy rather than its tragedy. When, on one unchronicled prehistoric night, thinking man raided his head for the first time and gazed at the boundless immensity of the star-filled sky overhead, his first thought could have been no other than the first thought which enters the mind of thinking man of our twentieth century, when he gazes reflectively upon the mysterious canopy under which he lives and moves, frets and philanders.


Chapter I Prefatory Page 7

What is God? 15

Sane Religion 27

The Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven 40

The Seven Beatitudes 57

Practical Help in Yoga 84

Psycho-spiritual Self-analysis 102

The Question of Asceticism 117

The Scripture of the Yogis: I. Renunciation 133

The Scripture of the Yogis: n. Revelation 155

The Scripture of the Yogis: in. Realization 170

Errors of the Spiritual Seeker 189

The Gospel According to St. John 204

The Mystery of Jesus 225

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