Teach Yourself Good English Free PDF eBook (1923) By Kathleen Baron (for writers)

Teach Yourself Good English Free PDF eBook (1923)  By  Kathleen Baron (for Beginner writers)

Teach Yourself Good English Free PDF eBook

Why do you want to become a writer? Is it because your mind is always crowded with ideas clamoring for express? Is it because words fascinate you; colorful phrases, scraps of vivid conversation, the buzz in your head and shout aloud to be written down on paper? Or perhaps it is that you have something to say, a message to pass on, a gospel to preach, a crusade to proclaim. Or you are attracted by the aura of romance which surrounds the writer; to see yourself in print, to know tha£ thousandth over the country arc reading what lias been written by you, to find your name on dust-jacket or magazine cover in shop-windows and on station book-staffs.

Or perhaps you are dissatisfied with your present employment, frustrated by a monotonous daily routine from which creative writing seems to offer a way of escape. Or perhaps it is just that you are hard up and in search of some congenial way of supplementing your income.

Whatever your natives may be — and they are probably mixed — it is the purpose of this book t$ explain the opportunities open to the freelance writer today, and what you Aiust do if you wish to grasp them, and also, to help you in deciding what chances you have of success

Author:  Kathleen Baron
 Publication Date:1923

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