Religion And The Cure Of Souls In Jung’s Psychology (1951) by Hans Schaer

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Excerpt from the author's introduction:

Lt is a remarkable fact that the term “self” should reappear in Jungian psychology , where it serves as a symbol for wholeness, for the synthesis of the conscious and unconscious elements in the personality , which is achieved through the process of individuation . The “self” is both this individuating process and the goal towards which the individual is developing; it may thus fittingly be called an “entelechy”, i.e., that which bears its goal within itself "The discovery of the “self” would therefore seem to be a direct continuation of the ancient quest for the entity of that same name in Indian philosophy : the atman, no longer conceived on the primitive level as “breath”, but spiritualised into the Absolute Subject. Immersing himself by contemplation in this One Reality , the contemplative “knows himself ”, and recognizes that he and this “self” are one and the same, besides which there is no other . The empirical relations be- tween the psychological “self” and the various aspects of the psyche have, I think, yet to be clarified .

Contents of the book:

List of Abbreviations vi

Translator's Note i

Introduction 5

Elements of Jungian Psychology 21

The Psychic Bases of Religion 59

Religion as a Psychic Function 97

Man and Religion 137

Jung’s Significance in the Religious Situation of Today 197

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