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Intermediate Algebra PDF book (1948) by William L. Hart

Download Intermediate Algebra PDF book (1948) by William L. Hart

Intermediate Algebra PDF book

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

The book offers a collegiate substitute for third semester high school algebra. The text was designed for a college student who will study it either (1) as a preliminary to taking college algebra, or (2) as terminal work hi algebra which is intended as a prerequisite for elementary courses in various fields of natural or social science, or in business administration.

A suitable selection of content from the book would provide a satisfactory algebraic foundation for a first course in trigonometry or in the mathematics of investment. In the case of a student of the assumed preparation, the text provides sufficient material for a substantial course utilizing from 40 to 60 class hours.

The plan of the text was based on the assumption that the typical student involved is of a mature age but studied his elementary algebra so long ago that practically all fundamentals must be taught as if they were relatively new material for him. Hence, the early chapters of the book present a mature but frankly elementary treatment of the foundations of algebraic technique with a generous amount of discussion and problem material. Also, appropriate refresher work on arithmetic is provided incidentally hi the algebraic problems and explicitly in an early optional chapter devoted to computation.

The tempo of the discussion in the text is gradually increased until, in the later chapters, distinctly collegiate speed is attained so that the student will find it easy to make the transition into a substantial second course devoted to college algebra. The text makes no attempt to present material which custom dictates as primarily within the sphere of college algebra, although such material frequently may enter the most substantial courses in third semester algebra at the secondary level. However, in the interest of efficiency and mathematical simplicity, the terminology and general viewpoint of the text is distinctly collegiate. Emphasis is laid on the logical sequence of topics, accuracy of definitions, and the completeness of proofs.

Adult nature of the presentation. The discussion in the text is couched at a level suitable to the maturity of college students. Hence, the available space and assumed class time are utilized mainly to explain and illustrate the mathematical principles involved and only the necessary minimum attention is devoted to artificial motivation of the type which might properly be expanded for younger students. Terminology. Particular emphasis is given to the language concerning variables, functions, equations, and the most elementary aspects of analytic geometry because of the importance of this vocabulary in fields of application which the students will enter in college. The technical vocabulary of the algebraic content is limited by excluding terms which are of small or doubtful utility.

Author: William L. Hart 
 Publication Date: 1948

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