Humanism as a philosophy Free PDF Book by Corliss Lamont (1949)

Humanism as a philosophy Free PDF Book by Corliss Lamont (1949)

Humanism as a philosophy Free PDF Book

This book is a philosopher's testament. In it, I have tried to describe in clear and simple terms that fully rounded the philosophy of life that I call Humanism. I have given my own version of the much-debated concept of Humanism, and both expect and welcome disagreement with my interpretation of a viewpoint that in its fundamentals goes back at least as far as Athens of the fifth century B. C. and the great Age of Pericles.

In my treatment, I have aimed at conciseness and have written what is essentially an introduction to the Humanist philosophy. Accordingly, I have discussed very briefly or have omitted entirely the details of many philosophic problems that in a longer work would certainly merit extended consideration. For example, though I am well aware of the profound influence of social and economic factors upon philosophy, I have had space to sketch in but little of that background.

This volume constitutes an expansion and revision of a lecture course entitled "The Philosophy of Naturalistic Humanism" given by me at Columbia University, 1 946- 1 949. I am grateful to the editors of The Humanist, The Journal of Philosophy and The Journal of Religion


Chapter I The Meaning of Humanism

1. The Importance of Philosophy

2. The Meaning of Humanism 17

3. Different Kinds of Humanists 29

Chapter H The Humanist Tradition 40

1. Philosophic Forerunners 40

2. Religious Roots of Humanism 62

3. Cultural Background 77

Chapter IH This Life Is All and Enough 100

1. The Unity of Body and Personality 100

2. Some Other Considerations 120

3. The Destiny of Man 134

Chapter IV Humanism's Theory of the universe

1. Science and Its Implications 145

2. The Rejection of Dualism and Idealism. 164^

3. The Universe of Nature 183

4. The Appreciation of Nature 212

Chapter V Reliance on Reason and Science 229

1. Five Ways of Seeking Knowledge 229-

2. Modern Scientific Method 236

3. Science and the Meaning of Truth 258

Chapter VI The Affirmation of Life 273

1. The Ethics of Humanism 273

2. The Social Grood and Individual Happi-
ness 297

3. Humanism and Democracy 310

4. A Humanist Civilization 333





Author: Corliss Lamont
 Publication Date:1949

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