How to out-think your opponent Free PDF book : or, T.N. tactics for close-in fighting

How to out-think your opponent  Free PDF book: or, T.N. tactics for close-in fighting by Al Williams 1918

How to out-think your opponent  Free PDF book

I am writing this book in the first person because I have only one concern and that is to make myself clearly understood by YOU.

 There are a number of books already on the market dealing with Physical Culture; Gymnastic Exercises and Set- ting-Up-Drills, but to the best of my knowledge, this is the only system ever developed that will enable an unarmed man, familiar with the movements and holds hereinafter described, to get the best of an opponent who is attacking with set bayonet. Officers and men before whom I have demonstrated and to whom I have taught my Arm and Rifle Interlocking System of Defense and Offense to be used in hand-to-hand fighting, assure me that the tactics developed are entirely new and not included or incorporated in any manual privately published or issued by the Army or Navy Departments of the United States or any other government.

For this reason, I have called these holds and locks T. N. Tactics (or Thoroughly New Tactics) and will refer to them as T. N. Tactics in the lessons that follow. It is not customary to print endorsements at the beginning of a book, but this is an unusual book. It is a book, the mastery of which may save your life someday when you are engaged in hand-to-hand fighting with the enemy and I want you to know how T. N. Tactics have impressed the officers and men who have already been taught the system. Read the letters that follow before you begin practicing the exercises. You know these officers and can believe their endorsements.

As you have confidence in the men whose names are signed to these letters, you will have confidence in the value of T. N. Tactics, and when you have mastered the lessons you will have confidence in your ability to best your opponent in single combat, regardless of the odds against you in that he may be armed with rifle and bayonet while you have lost yours. Confidence based on knowledge is a guarantee of victory in the open battlefield or in the trenches bordering No Man's Land as surely as it is in the walks of peace. The morale or spirit of an army is based on its belief in ultimate success. And when this confidence is founded on the knowledge of a righteous cause, of inexhaustible resources, and superior numbers, no temporary reverse or sudden check can dull the fighting edge of soldiers so inspired.

Publication Date:1918

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