Energy From The Sun PDF book by D. M. Chapin ( Converting Solar Energy to Electrical energy )

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Bell System Science Experiment No. 2
An Experiment In Physics And Chemistry Converting Solar Energy To Electrical Energy

Energy From The Sun PDF book

Excerpt from the Introduction:
The Solar Energy Experiment is to be performed only un¬ der the guidance and supervision of your science teacher. The materials in the kit , or other materials which you are instructed in this book to use in the experiment, are not to be taken outside of your school laboratory be¬ cause, as you can appreciate, an experiment of this sort should be conducted under standard laboratory safety procedures.

 If you carefully follow the instructions in this book and the rules of your school laboratory, the experiment can be conducted with complete safety. Chemicals and other materials mentioned in this book which arc not included in Chapter (5 Instructions for Making a Solar Cell,” are mentioned for educational purposes only. You should not experiment with them unless this book definitely instructs you to do so.

This work was authored by the actual co-inventor of the first practical (6% energy efficient) silicon solar cell at Bell Labs. In addition to instructions on how to make cells, this work blazes the factors which affect the operation, theoretical efficiency limit, etc.

Some chapters of the book:

Introduction I

Chapter I The Sun—Our Primary Source of Energy 3

Utilization of Energy 3

Sources of Energy 3

Source of the Sun's Energy 4

Measuring the Sun's Power 6

How Long H ill the Sun l.asty 10

Chapter 2 Putting the Sun to li otic 12

The Greenhouse Effect 12

Heat Applications 13

Concentration Devices 16

Mechanical Power 16

Heal to Electricity 16

Direct Conversion 111

Chapter 3 Radiant Energy 20

I la re Theory 20

Quantum Theory 21

Chapter I Some Properties of Semiconductors 26

Silicon 27

Photons Release Elect rims 30

Arsenic in Silicon 32

Boron in Silicon 34

The p-n ./unction 36

Rectifiers 38

I found the section about applications Chapin had built towards the end to be the most interesting, including designs for solar powered radios, sustaining pendulum movements, even an electric motor with solar cells mounted on it to provide the current switching -- very interesting

 Chapin's short career as a physics instructor before he became a Bell Labs researcher serves him very well in this work.

Author: D. M. Chapin

 Publication Date:1962

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