Betting & gambling, a national evil; Free PDF book 1905 (Great Britain) by B. Rowntree

 Betting and gambling, a national evil; Free PDF book  1905 (in Great Britain)

Contents of the book

Hobson, J. A. The ethics of gambling.--Hawke, J. The extent of gambling.--Wilson, A. J. Stock exchange gambling.--Hogge, J. M. Gambling among women.--Horsley, Canon. Crime and gambling.--The deluded sportsman, by a bookmaker.--McDonald, J. R. Gambling and citizenship.--Hawke, J. Existing legislation.--Rowntree, B. S. The repression of gambling.--Appendices: 1. Lords' recommendations, June 1902. 2. Lord Davey's street betting bills 1903 and 1905. 3. Summary of Lords' committee. 4. Opinions of eminent men on betting. 5. A note on pedestrianism. 6. Tipsters and tipsters' advertisements. 7. Betting statistics. 8. Bibliography

 B. Rowntree
 Publication Date: 1904

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