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Beautiful thoughts from French and Italian authors PDF book by Craufurd Tait Ramage

Download PDF book:  Beautiful thoughts from French and Italian authors: with English translations  by Craufurd Tait Ramage (1880)

 Beautiful thoughts from French and Italian authors

In the present edition, the reader will find that it is more fully illustrated by references to the other volumes containing Greek, Latin, German, and Spanish “ Beautiful Thoughts,” than it was in the former. The references are given in such a way that they suit any edition of his works, and the Editor has added many quotations from English authors. The pleasurable feelings which these volumes, it is hoped, are calculated to afford, are so aptly expressed in the following few lines by a friend who had received delight from them in a sick room, that the Editor may be forgiven for adding them.

The Editor is glad to know, by the favor with which his two former works from Latin and Greek Authors have been received, that he was not mistaken in think¬ ing that there must be a large number of readers whose tastes were so far uncorrupted by the frivolous literature of the day, that they could still enjoy the more substantial and simple food which the earlier ages supply.

The Latin work was undertaken for his own amusement, and when this purpose was accomplished, it was thrown aside for many more years than Horace recommends before publication. The present work has been carried out on the same principle as the former, illustrated still more fully by constant reference to parallel passages from English, Latin, and Greek authors. It has been questioned how far quotation is allowable to illustrate the subject of an author, and no doubt there is a mean in this, as in everything else—a boundary on either side of which the truth cannot exist

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