80 Woodcraft Projects PDF book by Ronald P. Ouimet (easy projects for your Home)

80 Woodcraft Projects PDF book by Ronald P. Ouimet  (easy projects for your Home)

80 Woodcraft Projects PDF book

Excerpt from the author's introduction

This collection of major woodcraft projects is geared for the woodworker with some degree of skill and experience. And yet, it has been my purpose to keep the project construction easy to follow. The items included express fine design, including modern and American period styling. Wherever possible, time-saving construction techniques have been presented. The projects in this book range from items that can be made using only basic tools and requiring only a few hours time to more difficult pieces involving complex cuts and joinery. Because the lathe, a special¬ ty machine, is not always available to the home crafts¬ man, this book contains a minimum of woodturning projects. Included, however, is a short section contain¬ ing wood turning hints.

The instructions for each project reflect what I believe is the simplest way to fabricate it while insuring strength and durability. Compromise with construction techniques has been made only when it seemed it would be advantageous to the greatest number of woodworkers. A craftsman usually develops his or her own manner of working with wood. Therefore the craftsman is encouraged to modify each project to suit his own individual taste. This will result in a feeling of greater satisfaction with the completed project

Contents of the book


1. Contemporary Chest of Drawers.45 2. Octagonal Mirror.49 3. Entrance Table.52 4. Portable Serving Stand.58 5. Charlotte’s Bench.62 6. Candle Stand (Plant).65 7. Medicine Chest.68 8. Chopping Block.71 9. Cutting Block.75 10. Outdoor Window Flower Boxes.77 11. Hanging Plant.80 12. Hope Chest.83 13. Two-Drawer Chest.87 14. Coffee Table.91 15. Bread or Pie Board.94 16. Foot Rest.96 17. Night Chest.99 18. Magazine Rack.103 19. Towel Drying Stand.105 20. Wall Planter.108 21. Candle Sconce.Ill 22. Wall Cupboard.113 23. Bedside Wall Shelf.117 24. Wall Shelf.121 25. End Table.123 26. Floor Lamp with Table.127 27. Plant Stand.131 28. Carpenter’s Tool Box.133 29. Spice Cabinet.137 30. Towel Rack Cabinet.141 31. Wall Sconce.144 32. Bud Vase.146 33. Corner Shelf.148 34. Child’s Cradle.150 35. Chest End Table.154 36. Step Stool. 158 37. Spoon Rack/Planter.160 38. Kitchen Cabinets.163 39. Knife Holder.168 40. Coat Rack.170 41. Double Bed.172

42. Book Album Rack.175 43. Bunk Beds.177 44. Full-length Dressing Mirror.181 45. Wall Shelf.184 46. Desk.186 47. Tilt-top Desk.190 48. Oval Mirrors.194 49. Living Room Couch.197 50. Living Room Chair.201 51. Weather Centers.205 52. Television Console.209 53. Refreshment Bar.212 54. Wine Rack.216 55. Log Bin.218 56. Contemporary Kitchen Table and Chair.... 221 57. Serving Board.226 58. Deluxe Stereo Cabinet.228 59. Corner Cupboard.232 60. Book Ends.235 61. Sewing Center. 238 62. Portable Television Stand.242 63. Trestle Coffee Table.245 64. Lazy Susan.248 65. Dining Table. 250 66. Storage Bench.253 67. Blackboard/Phone Shelf.256 68. Record Cabinet.258 69. Adjustable Bookcase.261 70. Buffet. 265 71. Chest.270 72. Hutch.272 73. Country Dry Sink.277 74. Kitchen Utensil Rack.282 75. Chest of Drawers.284 76. Gun Cabinet.289 77. Chandelier.293 78. Woodworking Bench.296 79. Stereo Cabinet.300 80. Mail Box.304

Author: Ronald P. Ouimet
 Publication Date:1980

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