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500-Do-It-Yourself Wood Moulding Projects Free PDF Book by Ray Robbins

500-Do-It-Yourself Wood Moulding Projects Free PDF Book by Ray Robbins With Illustrations (1980)

Everything from birdhouses to bookshelves, from door trim to drawer dividers, and from planters to picture frames can be made from wood mouldings
500-Do-It-Yourself Wood Moulding Projects

wood moldings have not changed much over the years. Moldings have always been used to cover up imperfections at comers and seams of walls, ceiling, and floors. Their most popular use, however, has been decorative, improving an existing piece of furniture, wall, ceiling or divider. But you can go beyond that and use wood moldings for creating whole new projects. That is the purpose of this book. To show you new ways of using wood moldings. To give you new ideas or to inspire you to create your own ideas. However, it must be emphasized that this is not a detailed book of construction plans.

It is an IDEA book. In many cases, the project sizes and suggested patterns are optional, usually depending on your own preferences or molding availability. The versatility of wood molding and the ease with which it can be worked makes it fun for every¬ one. So go ahead. Create a project or beautify a room. That satisfactory feeling of accomplishment will be the result.

Designed, illustrated and written by Ray Robbins. With special help from Warren Jimerson, Jim Snodgrass, Neal Heflin, Bernard Tomasko, Gloria Gilbert, Joseph Erceg, Lorraine Robbins, Jim T s Woodshop, Photo-Art Commercial Studios, and Alderman Studios, Inc. 'To err is human" a word louder once said. "To err is human" a wood molder also said. Every effort has been made to produce this book with accuracy. However, when working with this many projects, the chance of error becomes a distinct possibility. Therefore, check carefully before beginning a project.

Author: Ray Robbins
 Publication Date:1980

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