The Traitors The Double, Life of Bruno Pontecorvo and Alan Nunn May (1952) by Alan Moorehead

The Traitors 

The Traitors PDF book Alan Moorehead

Bruno Pontecorvo was an Italian nuclear physicist, an early assistant of Enrico Fermi and the author of numerous studies in high energy physics, especially on neutrinos. A convinced communist, he defected to the Soviet Union in 1950, where he continued his research on the decay of the muon and on neutrinos.

Alan Nunn May was a British physicist, and a confessed and convicted Soviet spy, who supplied secrets of British and United States atomic research to the Soviet Union during World War II.

Excerpt from the author's introduction

There is no end to espionage; it flows on in a private world of its own through wars and centuries, and clearly, we are never going to know the whole truth about the atomic spies. 

His job was to encipher and decipher these documents for Colonel Zabotin, the Military Attache, as they passed between the Embassy and Moscow, and for some time past he had been turning down the comers of those which seemed to be of special interest. Gouzenko, then aged twenty-six, was of the generation which has been born and brought up in Soviet Russia, and he had been just two years in Canada. But in those two years, he had marveled at the goods that

 It was not, however, as easy as that. Newspapers have settled practices of their own; crimes, politics, and baseball results come in each day on an established rhythm and there is normally no place in this routine for an earnest foreigner who arrives, without announcement, his pockets stuffed with Russian telegrams, to make a point-blank exposure of the Soviet Union. Gouzenko argued for an hour but could get no one to take him seriously. He then returned to his home at 5 n Somerset Street, where he was living in an apartment with his wife, Svetlana Borisovna, and their child, Andrei, who had been born since their arrival in Canada.

Alan Moorehead  Publication Date:1952

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