The book of business PDF Book by Elbert Hubbard (1913)

The book of business PDF Book by Elbert Hubbard (1913)

The book of business PDF Book

I believe in me. I believe in the goods I sell. I believe in the firm for which I work. I believe in my colleagues and helpers. I believe in American Business Methods.

I believe in the efficacy of printers' ink. I believe in producers, creators, manufacturers, distributors, and all industrial workers of the world who have a job and hold it down. I believe that truth is an asset. I believe in good-cheer and in good health, and I recognize the fact that the first requisite in success is not to achieve the dollar but to confer a benefit, and that the reward will come automatically and as a matter of course.

 I believe in the sunshine, fresh air, spinach, apple- sauce, laughter, buttermilk, babies, bombazine and chiffon, always remembering that the greatest word in the English language is " Sufficiency. I believe that when I make a sale I must make a friend. And I believe that when I part with a man I must do it in such a way that ^hen he sees me again he will be glad — and so will I. I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love. Amen, and Amen!


Modem Business 9

Business as a Fine Art 15

System Spells Success 21

Business a Civilizer 27

Organization 15

Women in Business 41

Bad Breaks in Business 49

About Vacations 57

The Business College 63

On Hiring Away Other Folks* Help .... 69

The Chesty Employee 75

The Law of Loyalty 81

How to Succeed 87

The Art of Advertising 93

The Greatest Tax 103

The railroad man 107

Middlemen and Menials 113

The Willopus-Wallopus 119

The Unseen 125

Courtesy as an Asset 131

The Law of Bohemia 137

The Recipe 143

Are You Useful or Useless? 149

Master Man 155

Author: Elbert Hubbard
 Publication Date: 1913

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