Teach Yourself To Live (1955 ) Free PDF book by Du Cann

Teach Yourself To Live  (1955 ) Free PDF book by Du Cann

Teach Yourself To Live

The book contains practical advice about life and how to live 
“In some sense, all religions and all philosophies produce exponents of their creeds who essay to teach us how best to live. From all of such spirits, one can profitably learn of life, present or to come, in its broadest and highest sense. But for the day to day business of practical living here and now in this world, of learning self-wisdom and worldly wisdom, of cultivating self-development and self-enlightenment, as distinct from the highest wisdom taught by religions and philosophies, one must go to teachers of lesser terrestrial, as opposed to celestial, scope.”
The Author,

Contents of the book

Preface ..... 7

I, Tenure and Conditions of Existence . . . . . 1 1

11. Personality: or, What You Are . 27

III. Property: or, What You Have. 48

IV. Livelihood and Leisure. 67

V. The environment of Others. 81

VI. The Environment of Plage. 96

VII. The Environment of Period. 108

VIIL Streamlining Your Days and Ways 118

IX. Past, Present, and Future. , 135

X. Getting the Best, Second Best or Worse . . . .148

XL Living the Multiple Life,, 159

XIL Selfishness and Selflessness. 171

XIII Teachers of How to Live — Marcus

Aurelius; Gracian; Lord Bacon; Lord Chesterfield; Arnold Bennett; Somerset
Maugham . . . . .183

Author:  Du Cann
 Publication Date: 1955

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