Shaman: A Novel by Robert Shea (1991) Free PDF Novel

Shaman: A Novel by Robert Shea (1991) Free PDF Novel

Shaman: A Novel by Robert Shea

A story of sacred Indian rites and the land-greed of an expanding new nation.

 It was a time of bloody confrontation between the white man and the red man, a time when the pioneers of a new nation were pushing out across the Great Plains and yet the powerful spirits of an ancient mystical religion still held sway over the Indians. In this troubled, dangerous time, there is a man who has the privilege--and the curse--of belonging to both worlds. He is Gray Cloud, a disciple of the aging shaman Owl Carver. A handsome young half-breed, he is chosen by the Great Turtle to become the mystical leader of the Sauk people... and summoned by his French-born aristocratic father to inherit the vast estate of Victoire.

 Here is the riveting drama of Gray Cloud's transformation into the powerful shaman White Bear, and his desperate struggle to reconcile the opposing forces of his white and Indian heritage. It is a sweeping epic of mysticism and history, of bitter love and brutal warfare, and of the tragic fate of an ancient people.

Contents of the book

Table of Contents SHAMAN 2 by ROBERT SHEA 3 Acknowledgments 5 BOOK 1: 1825 6 1 The Lodge of the Turtle 7 2 The Spirit Bear 20 3 Claw Marks 36 4 Master of Victoire 48 5 Star Arrow 76 6 In the Ancient Grove 91 7 Raoul's Mark 100 BOOK 2: 1831 120 8 Homecoming 121 9 Bequest 140 10 Dispossessed 161 1 1 Redbird's Wickiup 186 12 The War Whoop 202 13 The Volunteers 225 14 First Blood 245 15 The Blockhouse 280 16 Yellow Hair 300 17 Uncle Sam's Men 327 BOOK 3: 1832 344 18 The Trembling Lands 345 19 The Band Divided 360 20 River of Blood 375 2 1 The Red Blanket 396 22 Renegade 423 23 Sharp Knife 451 24 Challenge 470 25 The Other World 493 26 Blood on the Land 517 Afterword 53 1 About the Author 534 Creative Commons License 535

Author: Robert Shea
 Publication Date:1991 

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