Sacred Places of Goddess PDF book by Karen Tate With Illustrations

Sacred Places of Goddess PDF book by Karen Tate With Illustrations

Sacred Places of Goddess PDF book by Karen Tate

"Goddess veneration works to restore a balance that Tate writes existed thousands of years ago. 'In the beginning, God was a woman, and from her womb, she created all that is; thus she is all things and all things are her... That was true 30,000 years ago, and for millions, it is still true today,' she writes in her book. Sacred Places of Goddess starts in Europe and Asia Minor and moves through the world to the Americas. Tate chose sites based on their historical, spiritual and cultural significance or for their physical richness. The book is a user-friendly guide that provides background information on a site's ancient or new importance. Some sections have warnings about deterioration at some sites; these are called "Gaia alerts," after the Greek
goddess personifying Earth. Some associations are expected — Cyprus with Aphrodite, the Parthenon with Athena and Egypt with Isis. Others are sites where Christianity, Judaism or Islam has long overtaken pagan worship and the divine feminine has been absorbed or supplanted by those traditions." — Los Angeles Times

"A small percentage of Da Vinci Code tourists are proponents of the divine feminine beliefs at the core of the book. For them, visiting places connected to historical and mythological female figures whose stories have purportedly been suppressed in a matter of enlightenment and healing, of spirituality and faith, said Karen Tate, author of Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations." —Chicago Tribune

"Sacred Places of Goddess provides both travelers and general readers with a vast array of information. Its richly composed pages include many drawings, photographs and maps and this helps create the effect of what is really a resource encyclopedia." —Beltane Papers

"We keep hearing that Paganism is going mainstream as regular people show increasing concern for Mother Nature. Sacred Places of Goddess is an example of this mainstreaming; you won't find this book on the New Age or religion shelves of your local bookstore. It's on the travel shelves, which means that ordinary travelers can pick it up and be inspired to travel to sites that commemorate the Goddess." —Pan Gaia

"It offers a look at Goddess Spirituality as it is unfolding in the world today. Sacred Places of Goddess is a deep well of information that will require repeat visits."

— Lynnie Levy, Reformed Congregation of Goddess International

Europe And Asia Minor Cypress England France Greece Ireland Italy Malta Portugal Turkey Africa Egypt Libya Nigeria Tunisia The Middle East Iraq Israel Jordan Lebanon Saudi Arabia Syria The Asian Sub-continent India Nepal Pakistan East Asia Cambodia China Eurasian Steppes Indonesia Japan Oceania Australia Hawaii New Zealand Tahiti South America And The West Indies Bolivia Brazil Peru Haiti Trinidad Mexico Mainland Yucatan North America Canada Arizona California Louisiana Nevada New Mexico New York South Carolina Tennessee Utah Wisconsin

Author: Karen Tate
 Publication Date: 2005

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