Introduction To Quantum Mechanics Free PDF book (1935)

Introduction To Quantum Mechanics Free PDF book (1935)

Introduction To Quantum Mechanics free book

In writing this book we have attempted to produce a textbook of practical quantum mechanics for the chemist, the experimental physicist, and the beginning student of theoretical physics. The book is not intended to provide a critical discussion of quantum mechanics, nor even to presen^ia thorough survey of the subject. We hope that it does gb^ela, lucid and easily understandable introduction to a quantum-mechanical theory

The book is particularly designed for study by men without extensive previous experience with advanced mathematics, such as chemists interested in the subject because of its chemical applications. We have assumed on the part of the reader, in addition to elementary mathematics through the calculus, only some knowledge of complex quantities, ordinary differential equations, and the technique of partial differentiation.

It may be desirable that a book written for the reader not adept at mathematics be richer in equations than one intended for the mathematician; for the mathematician can follow a sketchy derivation with ease, whereas if the less adept reader is to be led safely through the usually straightforward but sometimes rather complicated derivations of quantum mechanics a firm guiding hand must be kept on him. Quantum mechanics is essentially mathematical in character, and an understanding of the subject without a thorough knowledge of the mathematical methods involved and the results of their application cannot be obtained. The student not thoroughly trained in the theory of partial differential equations and orthogonal functions must learn something of these subjects as he studies quantum mechanics. In order that he may do so, and that he may follow the discussions given without danger of being deflected from the course of the argument by the inability to carry through some minor step, we have avoided the temptation to condense the various discussions into shorter and perhaps more elegant forms.

Author: by Pauling, Linus.; Bright Wilson E.
Publication Date: 1935

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