Immanuel Kant's Critique of pure reason Free PDF book (1896)

Download Immanuel Kant's Critique of pure reason Free PDF book (1896)

Critique of pure reason Free PDF book

Introduction by the author:

To further, so far as in us lies, the growth of the sciences is to work in your Excellency's own interest, your own interest being intimately connected with them, not only through the exalted position of a patron of science but through the far more intimate relation of a lover and enlightened judge. For that reason, I' avail myself of the only means within my power of proving my gratitude for the gracious confidence with which your Excellency honors me as if I too could help toward your noble work.

[Whoever delights in a speculative life finds with moderate wishes the approval of an enlightened and kind judge a powerful incentive to studies the results of which are great, but remote, and therefore entirely ignored by vulgar eyes.]

To you, as such a judge, and to your kind attention I now submit this book, placing all other concerns of my literary future under your special protection, and remaining with profound

respect ^

Your Excellency's

Most obedient Servant,


KONIGSBERG, March 29, 1781.

contribution to. 1787; Critique of Pure Reason) presented a formalistic or transcendental idealism, so named because Kant thought that the human self, or “transcendental ego,” construct knowledge out of sense impressions, upon which are imposed certain universal concepts that he called categories.

Author: Immanuel Kant
Translator:  Müller, F. Max

 Publication Date: (1896)

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