Around The World On 80 Dollars Free PDF book by Robert Christopher (1953)

Download Around The World On 80 Dollars Free PDF book  by Robert Christopher (1953)

Around The World On 80 Dollars

Adjusted for inflation, $80.00 in 1953 is equal to $871.10 in 2020. 💆  even superman will spend more than that. but this is a real travel book.

It seems quite fitting that the author of this book should share at least one name with Christopher Columbus, for the same adventurous spirit prompted them both to follow their dream beyond the horizon. After hearing Bob's strange, lonely, and sometimes dangerous adventure, I couldn't help but think how I would rather make Christopher Columbus' trip than Robert Christopher's!

At least Columbus had three ships, an abundance of provisions, the promise of wealth, and even more important, he was not alone. Manhattan is one of the centers of civilization; in the middle of the city there is a beautiful spot called Central Park, and any policeman will tell you that it isn't safe to go there alone after dark. Then what of being alone in Naples, Istanbul, Baghdad, Teheran, Lahore, Calcutta, Hong Kong?

What of the people around the world who make no secret of their hatred of Ameri- cans? Imagine, then, a young man of only twenty-six setting off to go completely around the world with only $80 in his pocket! His fifty-pound cargo in a single knapsack, and a good many of those pounds consisting of his photographic equipment. Even listening to his tales, so that I might help in some small degree in the writing of this story, has given me some uneasy moments. Though he is safely back amongst his friends, though he has proved that this earth of ours can be circled for the sum of $80, 1 for one am not prepared to follow his example. I suppose that certain people, possessed with a considerable amount of madness, might attempt such a venture.

Oddly enough, Bob is about the sanest person I have ever met. In the best Rover Boys tradition, he could easily qualify as a red-blooded American boy. Looking younger than his twenty- six years, he stands a bit over five-feet-ten, has light brown hair, blue eyes, and cheeks rosy enough to annoy (and charm) the distaff side. Bob's beginning would have delighted the novelist of the last century; certainly, no contemporary writer would be so foolhardy as to give any fictitious character such a corny background. His life started, as far as the records show, on the porch of the Evanston Orphanage. The traditional note, pinned to his blue blanket, included his name and date of birth (January 1, 1926).

Author: Robert Christopher
 Publication Date: 1953

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