200 Lessons in Business Free PDF book by Edward Thomas Roe (1921) the latest and safest methods.

200 Lessons in Business Free PDF book by Edward Thomas Roe (1921)

200 Lessons in Business Free PDF book

 a complete compendium of how to do business by the latest and safest methods.


This book is to businessmen what Roberts' "Rules of Order" is to a parliamentary body. To unusual questions that come up in the course of any business, it furnishes the answers, explains the law, and gives the safest practice. It is the helpful friend, the silent counselor of every- one engaged in the business of any kind. It enables a businessman to keep clear of complications and to do for himself what needs to be done in any situation, instead of having to get help or advice from others. It is a library of Business Common Sense and Law, available at any moment, no matter what question or emergency may arise. It is equally useful to the beginner and to the veteran of the business. It is absolutely dependable throughout. Experts and specialists in every line cooperated in its compilation. The legal parts alone engaged the best ability of eight prominent lawyers.

The knowledge it contains is positive. It was furnished by men each of whom had devoted his life to mastering the subject of which he treats; and all of it has been edited carefully, revised, checked up, and brought down to the very date of going to press.

In addition to practical thought-saving and time-saving information in connection with business or personal affairs, the Seven Hundred Lessons lives up to its title by giving in compact form much that is not usually found outside of a cyclopedia; such as social and official correspondence forms; authoritative census tables; income tax requirements; how to promote an enterprise; hiring or discharging help; road rules fence laws; the law of lost and found property; farm statistics; the rights of parents; the rights of children; how to locate a mine; how to become naturalized; how to mark goods; what you can send by parcel post; how many nails there are in a pound; what time it is in any part of the world; the interest, limitation and exemption laws of all the states; workmen's compensation for injuries; how to dress a show window; how to vote; how to issue stock certificates; what a broker's duties and liabilities are; how to own a dog; how to make an affidavit; and a highly varied collection of other useful things such as modern applied science, conditions of life, and law, industry and trade since the war; and the best usages in business and social relations.

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