World War II : a concise history PDF book by Roger W. Shugg (1947)

World War II: a concise history PDF book by Roger W. Shugg (1947)

World War II: a concise history

This book is offered to Americans as a brief military history of the war. It aims to tell the whole truth so far as it can be told now in limited space and from public sources. Care has been taken to make the text as accurate as possible, but errors are bound to occur in any attempt to cover such a vast subject. Readers are invited to call these to the attention of the Infantry Journal. Corrections will be made in later editions.

While it is largely military, as any account of the war is bound to be, the language is not technical. To know the causes and events of this war and the principles for which we fought, according to General Marshall, "is an indispensable part of military training and merits the thoughtful consideration of every American soldier." The mission of making soldiers aware of the background of the conflict was assigned by order of the War Department, February 9, 1942, to the Army Orientation Course which every soldier takes as part of his basic training. For this course, lectures were prepared and published since 1942, and in addition to documentary films and reprints of many books, a special volume, The War in Outline, was printed in several '' editions, world war  II: a concise history is an entirely new book.

Like its predecessors, however, it has been written exclusively from public sources. It is hoped that this book will prove useful to soldiers in the field and to citizens at home for both reading and reference. All Americans will observe that as much attention is given to the contributions made by our Allies to winning the war as to the vital part taken by the United States. This book should help us to understand what actually happened, when and where and how, in the greatest war in history, and to see it all in a better perspective.

The book is 538 pages.

Author: Roger W. Shugg Publication Date: 1947

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