Why We Are Anarchists PDF book by Max Nettlau (1894)

Why We Are Anarchists PDF Short book by Max Nettlau (1894)

Excerpt from the Introduction

It may be well to give some of the arguments for our belief in Anarchism as the coming form of our social and political institutions.

We are confronted, it appears, on all sides by obstacles and difficulties. Here, the inveterate belief in law and authority, in. religious superstitions and in the educational powers of compulsion and coercion; there, the various forms of political humbug, the representative system^ the struggle for political power, expressed in the shape of 8elf-advertising electioneering political swindlers on one side and the ever be- fooled, hero-worshipping, addle-headed, "sovereign people" on the other side. Again, the fallacious belief either in competition and throat-cutting and monopolizing individualism, or in that other treacherous panacea— State-socialism, the dream of all authoritarians and, in reality, the paradise of officialism and corruption, erected on the shoulders of a people whose freedom and equality would consist of the freedom to elect new masters and that equality which is the product of equal servitude and degradation.

The arguments of " economic science " are arrayed against us; the misapplied doctrines of evolution as apparently opposed to evolution; the slate or municipal ownership of all the means of production; the centralization of the production of all commodities — in support of which the concentration of capital in the hands oi a diminishing number of big capitalists is adduced; — Anarchism is said to be antagonistic to the real course of the evolution of human society; etc., etc.

Max Nettlau

Author: Max Nettlau 
Publication Date:1894

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