U.S. Army survival manual PDF book (1992) with illustrations

U.S. Army survival manual Free PDF book (1992) with illustrations

U.S. Army survival manual Free PDF

No one knows survival better than the U.S. Army, so this exceptional field guide is the most authoritative of its kind. Originally commissioned by the Department of the Army to train its special forces In all-climate, all-terrain survival tactics, this newly issued edition is meant to serve as "a civilian’s best guide for toughing it...anyplace in the world." A must for campers, hikers, explorers, pilots, and others whose vocation or avocations require familiarity with the wilderness or out-of-doors, this excellent manual describes and clearly illustrates the techniques of survival medicine, toolmaking, food and water procurement, shelter building, direction finding, signaling, and many others that could mean the difference between life and death in remote areas. The book will also stimulate the juices of armchair adventurers.

Contents of the book:
-^Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Will to Survive .1-1

Chapter 2: Survival Planning.2-1

Chapter 3: Survival Medicine.3-1

Chapter 4: Field Expedient Weapons and Tools .4-1

Chapter 5: Water Procurement .5-1

Chapter 6: Wild Plants for Food ..6-1

Chapter 7: Wildlife for Food.7-1

Chapter 8: Shelters.8-1

Chapter 9: Fire building.9-1

Chapter 10: Water Crossings.10-1

Chapter 11: Field Expedient Direction Finding.11-1

Chapter 12: Signaling. 12-1

Chapter 13: Desert Survival.13-1

Chapter 14: Tropical Survival .....14-1

Chapter 15: Arctic and Subarctic Survival.15-1

Chapter 16: Sea Survival.16-1

Chapter 17: Knots.17-1

Appendix A: Poisonous Snakes.A-1

Appendix B: Clouds — Foretellers of Weather.B-1

Appendix C: Edible Plants.C-1

Appendix D: Poisonous Plants.D-1

Index...Index 1

Author: Department of the Army
Publication Date: 1992

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