The Wise Old Man Healing PDF book Through Inner Images (archetypal Wise Old Man)

The Wise Old Man Healing PDF book Through Inner Images (archetypal Wise Old Man) by Pieter Middelkoop

The Wise Old Man Healing PDF

The inner world of the imagination, with its own unique events and a cast of characters, is active in most people, but many lose touch with it in their absorption with external life. Pieter Middlekoop shows how this dreamlike inner world can be entered deliberately while awake in order to gain self-knowledge and resolve conflicts.

The book presents accounts of several people who entered the imaginal world by means of a technique called Imagination Therapy, which Middlekoop developed as a variation of C. G. Jung's Active Imagination. In a series of "imaginations," they encounter their joys and sorrows, their anxieties, their problems with relationships-and also the keys to solving their difficulties.

 During the course of therapy, it becomes clear that there is an active center within the personality that communicates to the conscious self in the symbolic language of imagery. Often personified in fantasies and dreams as the archetypal Wise Old Man, this inner source of wisdom guides the individual to healing and wholeness.

Contents of the book

Introduction 1 1. SETTLING ACCOUNTS WITH THE PAST 13 The Dwarf and the Strawberry Plant 13 A First Analysis 1 4- The Journey Begins on the Back of a Duck 17 In Search of a Mother 20 The Journey Continues on Horseback 22 A Sign off Life 28 The Old Man and His Sketch Book 34

The Core of the Self 37 The Unknown Alphabet 40 The Sharp Edges of Happiness 42 Dealing with Inner Images 45 2. SETTLING AN INNER CONFLICT 48 The Boy with the Fair Hair 48 The Dividing Wall 49 A Grandfather in Shirt Sleeves 52 And His Name Is "Eternal" 53 The Village with the Shadows 54 That Doomed Feeling 55 A Strange Fisherman 56 The Cool Facade 58 The Castle That Keeps Something Imprisoned 59 The Wicked Plan Fails 62 The Situation Worsens Visibly 66 The Iron Lady 69 An Old Acquaintance Returns 71 The Masculine Counterpole 72

A Three-Cornered Game of Checkers 73 The Landslide 77 The Eternal One with the Three Swans 80 The World That Is Always There 82 Back to the Source 83 The Past Returns 84 The Tree of Life 85 A Torn Existence 87 The Black Phantom 88 The Confrontation 89 The Talisman 90 The Good Omen 92 The Three-Leaf Clover 93 A Boundary Crossed 94 3. ANSWERS TO THE CHALLENGES OF A CIVILIZATION 96 In the Wood 96 The Great Confusion 97

Behind the Keyhole 100 The House of the Soul 104 A New Phase for the People 107 For Whom the Bell Tolls 109 "The Scorpion 110 The Initiation into the Unconscious 111 The Women's Archipelago 115 The Threats of the Unconscious 1 1 8 Ouroboros 121 Rebirth 122 The Sun Wheel 123 On the Road to Adulthood 125 In the Cavalry 126 Acting in Innocence 127 Growing Tomatoes 1 2i> Economics or War fan* 130 The Hermit 132 The Idealist 134 This Time It Was My Turn 1 36 4, PHENOMENA AND LAWS IN THE WORLD OF THE SELF 140 The Formation of Imaginations 140 The Inner Images 1 40

Conditions for the Formation of Imaginations 141 Our Attitude Toward the Imaginal Pictures 143 The Second Center Beside the Ego 145 The Initiatives of the Unconscious Self 1 45 The Offered Situation 145 Roads and Crossroads 146 The Guides 147 The Opposing Players 1 l-B The Core Figures 149 Our Inner World Is a World Apart 150 The World Image in Imaginations 150 The Sun and the Moon 153

The Elements and the Four Winds 155 The Accompaniment of Imaginations 155 Effective Imaginations 156 Problem Selectivity 157 Therapeutic Actions 158 Boundaries and Limitations 159 The Interaction between Accompanist mid-Iniagtnator 160 Some Learning Principles 163 Learning to Have Confidence 163 The Confirmation 164 The Trial 165 The Parable 167 The Identification 168 Feedback 168 Struggling with Thoughts and Feelings of Anxiety I 69 For the Freedom of the Ego 171 Acting Responsibly 172 Who Determines the Game? 1 73 The Ego and the Self 174 Notes 177 Bibliography 181

Author:Pieter Middelkoop
 Publication Date:1989

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