The Thousand Nights And One-night PDF book Vol.1 Translated by Edward Powys Mathers

The Thousand Nights And One-night Vol.1 Translated by Edward Powys Mathers

The Thousand Nights And One-night Vol.1

To read The Thousand Nights and One Might — that center of miracles, the sole unparalleled Arabian Nights — ^is to lose oneself in a world of magical beauty; to become one with the East and its enchantments; to be in turn a handsome Prince, a dignified Imam, a stern Cadi, a rich Syndic, seeing the universe through the indulgent eyes of the Orient. It is a mistake to regard the Arabian Nights as gross in the vulgar sense. It must be remembered that terms and phrases which could not be used in a European drawing-room do not give offense in what Kipling called ‘the unblushing East’. The Mathers’ translation is for the reader who admires candor in language as well as to conduct. Those who comprehend their origin and background will not misunderstand the character of these tales, but will enjoy them for; what they are — the world’s most vivid and absorbing stories.

Contents of this Volume 1

The Tale of Kamar al-Zaman and the Princess
Budur, Moon of Moons i

The Tale of Happy-Handsome and Happy-Fair 94
The Tale of Ala al-Din Abu Shamat 129

The Tale of Sympathy the Learned 197

An Adventure of the Poet Abu Nuwas 236

The Tale of Sindbad the Sailor 245


The First Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor 249

The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor 260

The Third Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor 271

The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor 283

The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor 296

•The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor 305

The Seventh and Last Voyage of Sindbad the
Sailor 313;

The Tale of Zumurrud the Beautiful, and of
Ali Shar, Son of Glory 329

The Tale of the Six Different Coloured
Girls 379

The Extraordinary Tale of the City of Brass 399
The Tale of Ibn al-Mansur and the Two
Girls 426

The Tale of Wardan the Butcher and the
Wazir's Daughter 449

The Tale of Yamlika, Queen of the Serpents 456

The Tale of Bulukiya 463

The Tale of the Fair Sad Youth 480

The Flowering Terrace of Wit and Garden • ,

OF Gallantry Jn containing

Al-Rashid and the Fart pi

The Youth and His Master i^ij

The Wonderful Bag ^i6

Al-Rashid judges of Love 520

Which is the better, a Youth or a Ripe Man? 521

The Price of Cucumbers ^23

White Hair ^26

A Difficulty Resolved 527

Abu Nuwas and Zubaidah’s Bath 529

Abu Nuwas Improvises 532

The Ass ^3^

Zubaidah caught in the Act ^37

Male or Female? ^39

The Share 542

The Schoolmaster 5^43

Inscription on a Chemise 546

Inscription on a Cup ^47

The Khalifah in the Basket 5^48

The Tripe-Cleaner 5-56

The Girl Cool-of-the-Eyes 562

Girls or Boys? 569

The Strange Khalifah 578

The Tale of Rose-in-the-Bud and Worlds- Delight 595

The Magic Tale of the Ebony Horse 636

The Tale of the Shifts of Delilah-
the-Wily AND Her Daughter
Zainab-the-Cheat, with Ahmad-the-Moth, Hasan-the-Pest, and Ali Quicksilver 679

The Tale of Judar the Fisherman or the
Enchanted Bag 771

Author: Edward Powys Mathers  Publication Date: 1901

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