The psychology of persuasion PDF book by W. Macpherson (1920)

The psychology of persuasion PDF book by W. Macpherson ( 1920)

The psychology of persuasion PDF book


MAN has been described as a reasoning animal, and everyone likes to think that the description is applicable to himself. The instinctive and impulsive side of our nature, as contrasted with the rational, has been apt to be ignored both by the man in the street and by the writer on psychology: it has been considered, perhaps, to be not quite respectable. In recent years, however, writers on psychology have come to recognize fully the important part that impulse and emotion play in human life.

As a matter of fact, men do not, usually, act rationally in the sense that they first carefully calculate the means that will enable them to realize their end, and only then act; and, whether they calculate thus or not, the fundamental source of their actions is always some instinct or emotion that they seek to satisfy. To say this is to say nothing derogatory to human nature; indeed, as we all know, to act on impulse is often much more respectable than to act from the calculation.

If much of the wrong-doing of the world may be attributed to the uncontrolled working of selfish impulses, it should also be remembered that impulse is the source of art and science, and of many of the best things in life.

Author: W. Macpherson
Publication Date: 1920

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