The psychology of courage PDF book (1918) by Herbert Gardiner Lord

The psychology of courage

It may seem to the well-informed reader that the book oversimplifies, and assumes a separateness of the instincts, both of which methods may be thought not in accord with the entangled complexity of the mind of man. The author is not unaware that he is open to this criticism. But he recognizes that all students of mind do and must use both methods.

The question of degree is determined by the audience addressed. Instincts, as all mental processes, interpenetrate, often they are but different aspects of the same activity. Understanding comes only through abstraction even for the most knowing. It also may seem that many things have been omitted which should have been included. The author is only too well aware that he may be open also to this charge. But in a short treatise to serve a special purpose, these unavoidable omissions are inevitable. Perhaps he has been unconscious of certain important aspects of the subject, which maturer thought on a novel problem would have revealed to him.

The book could not have been written but for Wilham McDougall's admirable Social Psychology, in which, adopting Shand's concept of sentiments, he threw a flood of light on the structure of the human mind as it is built by society and which in its turn forms society. Beyond this, obligations are due to many sources. In the matter of the training of soldiers, assistance was gained from Major (now General) Leroy Eltinge's Psychology of War, to which my attention was called by Lieut. Herbert S. Howard, Naval Constructor at Portsmouth Navy Yard. Thanks are especially due to Dr. M. Allen Starr, who has been kind enough to read that part of Chapter XII which deals with so-called shell shock; and also to my colleague. Prof. Munroe Smith, who has read much of the manuscript and given many helpful suggestions.


I. Introductory ... 1

II. The mechanism in Man ..... 5

III. The Inborn Mechanisms in Man —

Instincts ... .14

IV. The Nature of Courage 24
V. The Simpler and Lower Forms of Cour-
age from the Point of View of Inborn
Mechanisms . .... 32

VI. Acquired Complex Mechanisms Work-
ing in Higher Forms of Courage 44
VII. Higher Forms of Courage Continued 58
VIII. Still Higher Forms of Courage — The

The courage of Differing Patriotisms. 68

IX. The Ultimate Foundation of Courage. 83

X. Training for Courage in General 92
XI. The Conditions and Special Training

of Soldiers for Courage . . . 106
XII. The Restoration of Courage When

Lost — "Shell Shock". 130

XIII. Epilogue — Morale... 145

Author: Herbert Gardiner Lord  Publication Date:1918

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