The faith of Epicurus PDF book by Benjamin Farrington

The faith of Epicurus PDF book by Benjamin Farrington 1960

The faith of Epicurus PDF

Excerpt from the introduction:

Epicurus, one of the four great philosophers of antiquity, is also in some respects the most modern. While Plato and Aristotle thought it impossible to govern without the aid of religious mythology — a set of beliefs that would bridle the passions and console the minds of ordinary men —

Epicurus presages the philosophy of the Enlightenment. He organized, for the first time in history, a fraternity to liberate mankind from superstition and to encourage a view of nature that dispensed with all supernatural agencies.

  To the contemporary reader, the philosophy of Epicurus has particular relevance. His age, like ours, was a period of a social crisis demanding a guide for the individual in the conduct of life — a "faith"

Contents of the book

1 A Reformer in the Making 1
2 Friendship versus Justice 20
3 Technology and the Crisis of Greek Civilization 33
4 The Reception of Ionian Philosophy at Athens 43
5 Socrates and the Philosophy of Mind 53
6 Political Religion 63
7 The Revolt of Epicurus 76
8 Athens and Epicurus: An Interlude 88
9 The Cosmic Gods, the Soul, and the Individual 93
10 Epicurean Canonics 105
11 Epicurean Physics 111
12 Epicurean Ethics 119
13 Epicureanism in World History 134

Author: Benjamin Farrington
  Publication Date:1960

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