The Devil Rides Out Free PDF book by Dennis Wheatley (1935)

The Devil Rides Out Free PDF book (1935) by Dennis Wheatley 

The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out Free PDF book (1935)

One of the best occult horror novels that I have come across. If you are familiar with the Christopher Lee movie, it follows the book pretty closely, but where the movie ends, the book is just getting going.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Do you know that Black Magic and the hideous soul-destroying cult of Satanism are still secretly practiced, not only in Africa but in all the great cities of the world today?

 the enthralling romance of a beautiful woman snared by the Satanists through her clairvoyant powers, and of a young man brought to the verge of madness by endeavoring to secure occult aid in his financial operations.

 we see the Satanists at work in modern London. A Sabbat in the West Country on Walburga’s Eve. The luxurious Temple of the Beast’ hidden in the slums of Paris, and the Devil s Mass performed in a ruined Christian monastery.

Against this terrific background of the occult, where ancient rituals are employed for the furtherance of lust and gam, three men, a woman, and a child fight a terrible weai^nless battle; invoking the Powers of Light to drive back the Powers of Darkness and save their friends, who have become involved, from final ruin.

Author: Dennis Wheatley
 Publication Date: 1935
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