The Art Of Courageous Living by John A. O Brien (1961) PDF book

The Art Of Courageous Living by John A. O Brien (1961) PDF book

The Art Of Courageous Living

Excerpt from the author's introduction

To get the most Help from this book, read but one chapter a day. Each chapter presents an important principle for the conquest of needless fear and anxiety and illustrates it with a number of incidents. Reflect upon the principle for five minutes.

 Use it in confronting and analyzing any fear or anxiety disturbing you. Write out your thoughts and feelings concerning the disturbing situation. Then review our notes. Tou will thus be enabled to locate the source of anxiety. Deal with it calmly, intelligently, and effectively. Remember that anxiety merely disturbs and weakens you.

Instead of helping you to solve a problem, it hinders you. This is true of all emotions. Problems can be solved only by thinking. The calmer you arCi the clearer and more effective is your thinking. The most rewarding of all activity is calm, clear thinking. Reflect upon the incidents illustrating the principle developed in each chapter. See if you can capture the spirit behind each deed of courage and apply it to your daily tasks.

Since books were first written and lectures were first delivered every reader and listener will testify that the concrete incident, the story, Ungers in the mind long after the abstract theory or principle has faded. Because each chapter is replete with stories which inspire courage and remain vividly in the mind, the reader will derive the greatest help and inspiration and secure the maximum of assimilation of both thought and spirit if he contents himself with the perusal of but one chapter a day till the hook is finished. Then read the volume in this way once a month for the first year and quarterly thereafter. Since fears and anxieties, like hardy perennials, arise to disturb one's serenity as long as life lasts, there will always remain the need of reading a book showing how to deal with fear and to develop courage.

Contents of the book:

1. The Nature of Courage

2. Courage under fire

3. The Gridiron of Courage

4. Con ORDERING New Worlds

5. The Courage of Scholars

6. Courage in Politics

7. Fools for God

8. The Stairs of Adversity

9. The Courage of Saints

10. Courage for All

11. The Art of Courageous Living

Author: John A. O Brien Publication Date: 1961

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